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“From now on, call me Oklahoma!” Paige announces on the first day of fourth grade. She is determined that this year she will be different: someone who is gutsy–brave enough to master terrifying flips on the highest monkey bars, conquer stage fright, and stand up to class bully, Viveca Frye. 


It takes a lot of work for Paige to bring out her inner Oklahoma, but she’s helped along the way by her best friend, her sympathetic teacher, her bratty cousin, and some hilarious but inspiring events at home and at school.

Paige/Oklahoma's school and home life rings true, with each character having a distinct and engaging personality. Funny and heartfelt. --The Horn Book


Filled with humorous and believable details and dialogue, Paige's journey of self-discovery should keep readers hooked. --Publishers Weekly


A humorous and encouraging tale about standing up to bullies of all shapes and sizes and remaining true to oneself...Paige is an inspiring and lighthearted character whom kids will like. --School Library Journal


Glassman's spot illustrations have the same energy as her swift prose; Paige's symbolic lassos are swinging all over the pages. --Kirkus

Here's  my interview for ReaderKidz during

Humor Month:



Yee-haw! Call Me Oklahoma!  on the New York Public Library's list of 100 Top Children's Books of 2013. Check it out here!

Call Me Oklahoma! on School Library Journal's list of 100 Magnificent Children's Books 2013! 

Miriam Glassman is the author of picture books and middle-grade novels. Her latest book is Call Me Oklahoma! Click book cover below to buy!

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