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Critique Service 



Do you have a story that could use a fresh pair of eyes? Perhaps a manuscript that you feel is almost working...but not quite...and you can't put your finger on why?


Or are you new to children's book writing and need some guidance?


I provide manuscript critiques for picture books, chapter books, and middle-grade novels, for writers at all stages. Critiques are comprehensive and cover everything from what you do well to what may need some work, along with suggestions for possible fixes, line-by-line critique (which may include suggestions for edits and cuts or additions), and an overall look at your story and character development.


I will give your manuscript prompt attention. I strive to finish a critque within two weeks of its arrival.


Fee: $200 for a picture book, $ 350 for the first 20 pages of a chapter book or middle-grade novel. If you wish to continue a critique on longer pieces, we can work out a time frame and fee for a finished manuscript.


Manuscripts shoud be double-spaced. 


Please contact me for further information.


Miriam Glassman provided critique and editorial services for my recent book, Gym Class Klutz. Several beta readers had given me substantial feedback and good critiques, and I knew in deep down that the novel was not ready for publication. There was too much repetition, the story arc was jagged and the plot dragged in places. Miriam’s critique confirmed all these issues. She not only provided a detailed mark-up of the entire text, but she was also available and very responsive to my email questions about all aspects of the novel. Miriam’s critique was different from others in that it was very constructive. It finally gave me the clarity to do a new blueprint for the manuscript, condense five years into one, and really make the characters change and grow. She uncovered discrepancies like the best of detectives and sleuthed out grammatical and structural errors. Her key questions addressed the reasons why characters acted as they did. Without Miriam’s editorial talents and hard work, this novel would have been terribly boring and the main character, Kenda, would not have become the person she did. --Carol Lach

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